Oxygen Bar

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The Aroma Spa Oxygen Bar is located in Downtown Telluride at 307 East Colorado Avenue (Main Street).  We offer 90% pure oxygen in a casual salon & boutique setting.  Our spa with private massage rooms is upstairs via the elevator.  Our Oxygen Bar is a 3 in 1 treatment offering humidified oxygen with an Aromatherapy Treatment.

Aroma Oxygen Bar

Aroma Oxygen Bar

Some of the high altitude symptoms that the Oxygen Bar helps with include headaches, nausea, light headedness, insomnia, indigestion, out of breath & lack of energy.  You have a choice of 6 aromatherapy oxygen treatments. These treatments include the popular invigorating, Pick Me Up (rosemary, peppermint, lavandin & lemon); our relaxing & regulating signature, My Essence (lavender, geranium, lavandin & lemon); uplifting & grounding, Happiness (pink grapefruit & cedar…) & healing relaxation, Breathe (eucalyptus, lavandin & lemon). Pure Peppermint is great for digestion, headaches & nausea.  Pure Lavender is great for stress, anxiety & insomnia.

You may come in & enjoy 5 minutes of oxygen for FREE if you like but we recommend longer sessions for altitude sickness of any kind.  You actually receive more oxygen flowing from the Oxygen Bar in 5 minutes than from a $50 canister of oxygen.  For fun & all around energy we recommend 10 to 20 minutes.  For minor symptoms we recommend 20 to 30 minutes.  For those under the weather 30-40 minutes.  For individuals who are not well 40-60 minutes.  We actually never charge for more than 45 minutes but you are free to enjoy a full hour. 5 minutes FREE are added to any oxygen treatment.

All inclusive prices for the Aroma Oxygen Bar.

10 minutes  $18.30   15 minutes  $27.45   20 minutes  $36.60                   30 minutes  $54.90    45-60 minutes  $82.35                                                            Call 970.708.2128 for your appointment now.

All of our oxygen bar clients are offered hot tea, water & a warm shoulder wrap.  You may also sample our Altitude Adjustment Aromatherapy Treatment Cream.

Massage Room

Massage Room

The full Altitude Adjustment treatment is offered upstairs via an elevator in a private massage room. 60 minutes for $125.  Reflexology & Chair Massage are offered in the Oxygen Bar by the minute.

All inclusive prices for Reflexology or Chair Massage                              20 minutes $36.60   30 minutes $54.90

Longer sessions are available but we recommend trading up to a private room in the spa. The following prices for the spa upstairs do not include gratuity.                                                                                                          30 minutes $65   45 minutes $95   60 minutes $125   75 minutes $150           90 minutes $175   2 Hours $225.

Oxygen combined with Reflexology or Chair Massage                              All inclusive price for Oxygen with Reflexology or Chair Massage                   (this is for 2 services simultaneously)                                                                20 minutes  $73.20   30 minutes  $109.80

Oxygen friends

Aroma Oxygen Bar for Events

Our Aroma Oxygen Bar for your wedding reception or any event is a lot of fun.  It’s another very social thing to do besides eating, drinking & dancing.  It is very fun & helps prevent hangovers & altitude sickness.  Everyone of all ages enjoys the Oxygen Bar.  We bring it all to you & operate it for you.  Up to 6 individuals can participate at one time.  The price for a 3 hour reception (minimum) is $500 all inclusive.

Contact us for additional info or to reserve the Aroma Oxygen Bar for you event today.                                                                    relax@myAromaSpa.com