Aroma Spa’s specialty has always been massage (deep tissue & relaxation).  We are blessed to have 6 therapists available & specialize in injury & chronic pain massage as well as relaxation.  Aroma Spa therapists each have a minimum of 20 years experience.  Every client gets a customized massage suitable for their personal needs after speaking with their therapist & scheduler. Our diverse massages incorporate a variety of massage techniques including: deep tissue, Swedish, couples, relaxing, pre & post natal, therapeutic, sports, neuromuscular, chronic pain relief & injury massage.  Our therapists also offer advice for minimizing stress in the body through stretching, exercise & changing repetitive motions.

Wax Room

Massage Prices

60 minutes  $125.  75 minutes $150.  90 minutes $175.  2 hours $225.

Massage is our specialty but we love alternative styles of body & energy work.  Reflexology of the feet works on the body from the inside out healing & moving energy throughout the body.  We all love Reiki & enjoy doing pure energy work that is subtle but powerful working on the mind, body & soul. Cranial Sacral techniques remind your body to heal itself through light physical touch. Acupressure, Thai & Shiatsu Massage are available as well. One of our therapists is fully licensed in acupuncture, Chinese medicine & massage.

We opened our doors 20 years ago with one massage room & have expanded & relocated to 307 East Colorado Avenue (Main Street), in downtown Telluride among our diverse shops & restaurants.  We can accommodate up to 4 clients at the same time in our suite of massage rooms.  As an independent & neighborhood spa we are able to accept same day appointments & walk-ins as well for your convenience.  We love advance notice & are available for morning, afternoon & evening appointments.


Our rooms are cozy, quiet & warm for your enjoyment.  The rooms are a quick

Couple Room

Couples Room

elevator ride upstairs from our Salon & Boutique. Our Couples Massage Room features red velvet curtains.  We offer massage to teens & children as well as adults.

Facial Room

One of our most popular services is The Works.  This is usually a 2 hour service that includes a full body massage, relaxing facial, reflexology & a hot hand & foot treatment. 2 1/2 hours is recommended for deep tissue massage.

The Altitude Adjustment is a great therapeutic massage all by itself but can be added to any treatment.  This massage focuses on acclimating you to our high altitude low oxygen dry climate.  You are face up throughout the service incorporating reflexology, acupressure, massage, Reiki, Cranial Sacral & Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is used in all of our services & we offer 4 different massage oil blends: My Essence (relaxing & regulating), Pick Me Up (invigorating), Breathe (healing relaxation) & Happiness (uplifting). Our full Aroma line includes essential oils, bath, body & skin care.  We carry Vapour & Eminence organic & mineral powder makeup.

You can also create your own custom package by adding a pedicure, hair blow out or service of your choice before or after your massage.  Come early for your appointment & enjoy hot tea & a warm shoulder wrap. Always available in our oxygen bar.

Aroma Oxygen Bar

Aroma Oxygen Bar

Come early or stay late for our Aroma Oxygen Bar.  Our Oxygen bar is a 3 in 1 treatment including 90% pure humidified oxygen & an aromatherapy treatment.  Enjoy 5 minutes for FREE (you actually get more oxygen in 5 minutes from the Bar than a $50 canister).  Additional minutes are available for those with more severe altitude symptoms including:  headache, out of breath, faint, light headed, insomnia, nausea, indigestion, etc.  We offer chair massage & foot reflexology in the Aroma Oxygen Bar by the minute.  20 minutes all inclusive is $36.60 (30 minutes; $54.90) for oxygen or reflexology or chair massage.  Chair massage or reflexology can be combined with oxygen for an additional charge.

Please call our appointment line to book your appointment now.   970.728.9515.

You can email with less urgent questions & appointments.